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  1. Slime gienie
    Fri Dec 29, 2017 2:46 pm
    Slime gienie - hello there! I am new to this website.
    would you like to rp with me?
  2. Descendants of Blood Well
    Sun Nov 05, 2017 1:54 am
    Descendants of Blood Well - Welcome to FPRP!
    Greetings and Welcome to FusionPlayRP!

    We are excited to have you joining our close-knit community while there are many other sites to choose from. So thank you for giving us a shot!

    Like most communities, each one has a unique style of going about Roleplay and Character Building, so let me give you a quick run through of how this site works.

    Located at the very top of our site is the menu bar:
    Visitor messages - jeshem Z8esUDw

    In this section, you will have access to different modules of the site. You can find membersusergroupsprivate messagesprofile information, and sections of voting for FPRP. You will also be able to find our FPRP Discord Server, where we do most of our communication between site members.

    If you are looking to join the FPRP Discord server, please feel free to simply click on this icon:
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    Once you have selected our Discord link, it will open a new browser in a separate tab. You will have access to some of our channels, although not all of them. Feel free to PM an admin online so we can verify your account and get you registered on the server.

    We welcome text chat for everyone and voice chat for the brave.

    This site also features a ChatBox at the top center of the site, below the menu bar. This section is designed as a shoutbox or comment section for viewers to see day to day requests or suggestions. Our Discord is the primary means of chatting, but feel free to write a comment every now and then if you have something non-urgent to message to the site.

    And finally, the forum section.
    FusionPlayRP features a large, everchanging, textual multi-verse that encompasses both the canon-verse of FPRP and the Pocket Universe of everything else. Our sections are ever changing, but what is always constant is the category sections: FusionPlayRPGeneral DiscussionThe ArchiveRoleplay: Group RoleplaysRoleplay: One-On-One RoleplaysMain Universe, and Pocket Universe.

    Let me break down these sections so we understand what is in each.

    FusionPlayRP, the header section features all news and announcements that will appear on the site. This can be as simple as announcing some upcoming changes that might affect the site appearance or the users of the site, to as complex as something much greater, like large-scale site events; with winners and what-not!

    General Discussion is the casual open-ended, Out-Of-Character (OOC) space where members can discuss their thoughts, their characters, and even their stories if they so choose.

    The Archive, also known as the vault of knowledge which accumulates information on RolePlay, Rulesets, Character Backgrounds, Lands/Settings, and anything else you can think of that might be useful in RP. This section is constantly growing, so if there is something missing and you might want our thoughts on it, feel free to comment. This section is primarily influenced by the admins. However, character profiles and information on lands/settings or personal insight in rulesets is always welcome to expand the section!

    Group Roleplay and One-On-One Roleplay is a section dedicated to the members who are looking to start their own story that focuses on either the site or individual involvement. This is a stepping stone for members to start off with an idea and casually build a following that may entice the staff to offer your idea as a featured section in the canon universe of FPRP! Do note that becoming featured takes much work and dedication, this will not be achieved overnight, nor in a day or weeks, you might never achieve it at all. This benefit is offered as a tip-of-the-hat to your hard work, and it is only offered by the admins. Not requested by the member.

    Main Universe is where Featured Roleplays and Canon Roleplays exist for the verse of FPRP. These are sections that have completely fleshed out ideas, characters, settings, and arcs/stories that span multiple realms and worlds. You will notice that these stories might have varying webs of time-frame, and might have segments that span multiple years in-real-life (IRL). These sections include:

    Visitor messages - jeshem IlAV6Z2
    Visitor messages - jeshem 47A03X7
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    Each of these sections is unique to the story they offer and are run by admins who have been developing their story for over 10+ years. For more information on these sections, feel free to contact an admin or the staff on the site, for we are more than happy to fill you in on some info to get you settled into our Featured Stories.

    This list will continue to grow as time goes on, or you might find a place in a section known as Pocket Universe.

    Similar to the Featured Section, Pocket Universe is a section of condensed stories that are developed but span a much smaller section of land and time. These stories generally have a very focused idea of what they are attempting to offer, such as survival or action might be the primary themes in the setting. These stories are focused on concluding rather quickly, although some segments might contain multiple arcs that make up a larger story, such as Eyvindr or Heroes:Borne.

    The forum sections are broken down into different sub-forums and for larger Roleplays you may be required to build a character sheet or even register prior to joining. Please make sure you read the info on each Roleplay you desire joining thoroughly so you can get into the story without issue!

    I think I have said my peace, and I think if you made it this far that you possess a wealth of knowledge that you might not have had prior to experiencing this introduction to our site!

    I hope this segment was beneficial to you, and if you do possess any questions that you locate any of the admins to fill you in on something you might be missing out on.

    Regardless, welcome, thank you for your time, and I hope you enjoy your time with us!

    All the best,
    The Staff of FPRP