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Blood Well: Origins - Info

on Fri Sep 01, 2017 12:18 am
there young one. Do you want to hear a story? The story I'ave is one that started as a myth but became much more. It is somethin' we're read about at our resting beds. The same place where our dreams pour through our minds and make real the most imaginative things. This story is about a dream made real.

It all started in the town of Fousture. A small mining town at the far northern region of the world. In the quite town was a young man named Clyde Simsten; did you know that he was only 13 circles when magic was given to his hands? That's right, Clyde was the first man to discover magic. He lay by a creek one morn' just to rest his eyes, when the water seemed to speak his name. The constant flow of the stream attracted his eye and he listened to the consistant babble at the water's edge. It was there that the reflection in the water was of a boy, but do you know what was the most peculiar thing about this event? His reflection was perfectly still, as glass. The water moved around his shape and disturbed it not. He was a kin to the art of water.

That was all but a year ago. But since then the world of magic has been a house of many doors. Every day someone opens up a new room that we thought could never exist. Very few people have scraped the surface of this phenomena. But everyone is learning. What wonderful things might stay in wait of your future, I wonder.

This was one of those stories made real...magic! Who knew it was something that could be found and learned and taught!? We are all young students, teaching ourselves and sharing our triumphs with each other.

Some of us, however, do not take well to the magical side of our world. For decades, science has been our overseeing master. The great ships of the sky and the impenitrable walls of the center nation are all thanks to the great minds that dreamed for something beyond what we had. In a way, isn't that what magic is? A dream for something more.

Although science and magic have never been something sought to form together, there are those who believe in combining magic and science. These individuals are few and secluded as the Mechatrii Nations do not support magic or the concept therein. They are stuck to their ways and do not see the potential of combining the two. I am sure that in your era, you will behold wonders beyond what the eye has ever seen.

Even now, people with minds of wonder and eyes as large as their hearts are questioning the world around them and the stories they are told. Where did these stories come from and what truth lies inside their words?

A young boy and girl grew up in the town of Fousture and were all but ready to pursue the tale of a land lost beyond this world...this was before the woods sang their song to mourn the death of their town.

Let me share with you how Origins works. This is an open post and ever changing world that is designed by those who take part in it. What open post means is without any solid posting order; therefore you can post multiple times following a consecutive reply. Just note that this roleplay will focus on the actions and events following Sulette and Remus, the main characters of this story, which will be the designated flow of this roleplay. In addition to the open posting order, the land itself is unexplored and the creatures here are not set to any boundary. Origins explores the option for characters to openly interact with the land and develop it through their eyes. This story does not have to only include the events happening to Sulette and Remus. If your character desires to head off the beaten track, feel free to do so. This world wants to be explored and individual development is encouraged. Uncover lands in your own words. Tell their story. Feel free to be as interactive and influential as you want in this world. We start our story to the Northern land of Fousture, however, your story does not have to begin there.

Origins is a story of the birth of magic. It is in every sense of the word a beginning. Not only for the Blood Well storyline, but for characters both in Descendants and your own verse.These characters begin the story with the possibility of pursuing the dawn of magic. Which means there are not any novices or advanced earthly users of these so called magical styles. And yet, the ability to use magic is as open as the user allows their mind. Realize that your character will not become a novice or master overnight. Prodigies and virtuosos are few in number and your character will not develop any quicker than those who have learned their power in the past year. Magic can fall under any category you set your mind to, but your progress will be no better than a child walking for the first time.

Science in Origins is a key component to the story. It is heavily influenced in many of the lands surrounding this roleplay and is one of the longer term aspects that bears down upon the past. However, with the birth of magic, science is changing and becoming more complex. This is a dawning of a new era in progress both for magic and science. The world is progressing at different speeds and meshing the ages. Although this story takes place in a feudal-fantasy style, there are steampunk influences as brought about by scientific growth. The elements of time are only limited by what is provided by the setting. If you decide magic is not for you, but science might be your niche then feel free to pursue this path. If it is not clear to you please speak to Creationist about any concerns you have.

The final aspect of Origins which builds into the story is a type of magic that is believed to be stronger in the regard of how it is practiced. It is believed that through ritual and the degradation of one's soul that a higher skill in magic can be achieved. Although this cannot be confirmed or denied, the result of practicing this form of magic is seen in the public eye as immoral and something to be condemned. The act of searching for a higher magic through more strenuous means than simple learning, such as soul selling and giving life for power, is classified under the dark forms of magic. If you choose this route, note that this magic is unruly and considered heinous in the public eye.

Character Registration for Blood Well Origins
Please read all prior information found on the Blood Well Origins page before creating your character!
Your Character's Name:

Your Character's Nickname:

What route of skill has your character chosen?

Early Stages of Magic

Early Stages of Dark/Ritualistic Magic

The Pursuit of Science

The Combination of Magic and Science

Give a brief explanation of your above selection:
(Remember that all magical selections in this world are to be observed as though your character is an amateur of whatever magic they have begun to learn. Your magical knowledge is just awakening or has not been realized yet. No human of this time has any real knowledge of what magic is or how it is fully realized. So please do not attempt to make a demi-god, you will not be accepted.)

Give a brief background of your character:

What does your character hope to find in this world? (What is his/her purpose?)

What lengths will your character go to in the attempt to achieve his/her purpose?

This RP has no post order and thus is focused on the posts following the two main/active characters (Sullete and Remus). This format ensures the story will progress without waiting for stragglers. However, each post you make will affect the world in some way. Do you accept this format?


Checking this box confirms that you agree to the Blood Well Method: Your character is required to remain active in this RP in order to keep them alive. Inactivity for over a week will result in them becoming lost or separated from the group. Inactivity for over a month will result in the permanent death of your character. (Please contact one of the group admins to create a new character in Blood Well Origins).

I accept the Blood Well Method and will be active for my character's sake.
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